Original Thin Eccentric Locking


Type: Disc with M6 thread machine screw dowel
Price: Price Available by Request


Our Original Thin Eccentric Locking system includes several die cast metal discs 25mm diameter x 12mm thick. Perfect for joining wood 5/8" to 3/4" thick.

All you need is a screwdriver to obtain a tight joint! Available with various kinds of dowels and bushings so you can join wood at an angle of your choosing.

Plastic covers included.

KE25DISC 25mm diameter eccentric cam
KE25DU60U 1 disc with M6 thread machine screw dowel and PT78W Nylon bushing
KE25DU88U 2 discs with a straight double sided dowel
KE25DU75RA 2 discs with a double sided 90º dowel for right angle joint

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