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Automatic Drop Flap SupportAutomatic Drop Flap Support
Automatic Drop Flap SupportSKU: SQ8325WAW
180° Locking Lid Support
Lift-Up Scissor Hinge
Lift-Up Scissor HingeSKU: H2300P
Lift-Up Ratchet SupportLift-Up Ratchet Support
Lift-Up Ratchet SupportSKU: X7020005Z
Single Helix Easylift supportSingle Helix Easylift support
Internal Self-Balanced Lift-Up SupportInternal Self-Balanced Lift-Up Support
Adjustable Braking Action Lid SupportAdjustable Braking Action Lid Support
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Gas Spring Pneumatic StaysGas Spring Pneumatic Stays
Gas Spring Pneumatic StaysSKU: SGS8006
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Cantilevered Spring Balanced StayCantilevered Spring Balanced Stay
Silent Curved Sliding Stay
Silent Curved Sliding StaySKU: S2875L
Free Sliding StaysFree Sliding Stays
Free Sliding StaysSKU: S214N8L
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Straight Locking StaysStraight Locking Stays
Straight Locking StaysSKU: S1877D
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Curved Locking StaysCurved Locking Stays
Curved Locking StaysSKU: S259LHD
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Lid & Door Stay With Nylon Slider
Heavy-Duty Soft Close Lid SupportHeavy-Duty Soft Close Lid Support
Adjustable Tension Lift Up Support
Economy Small Drop Lid Support
Economy Lighter Duty Lid Support
Solid Brass Locking Lid Supports
Economy Flat Drop Lid SupportEconomy Flat Drop Lid Support
Economy Flat Drop Lid SupportSKU: S105A10FLTZ
Heavy-Duty Friction Drop Lid SupportsHeavy-Duty Friction Drop Lid Supports
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Heavy-Duty Locking Lid SupportHeavy-Duty Locking Lid Support
Non-Corrosive Drop Flap StayNon-Corrosive Drop Flap Stay
Non-Corrosive Drop Flap StaySKU: S815917S
Flap Stays With Braking ActionFlap Stays With Braking Action
Flap Stays With Braking ActionSKU: SI8420LA3B
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Delta Lid Supports and StaysDelta Lid Supports and Stays
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