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180° Locking Lid Support
Adjustable Braking Action Lid SupportAdjustable Braking Action Lid Support
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Adjustable Tension Lift Up Support
Automatic Drop Flap SupportAutomatic Drop Flap Support
Automatic Drop Flap SupportSKU: SQ8325WAW
Cantilevered Spring Balanced StayCantilevered Spring Balanced Stay
Curved Locking StaysCurved Locking Stays
Curved Locking StaysSKU: S259LHD
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Delta Lid Supports and StaysDelta Lid Supports and Stays
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Economy Flat Drop Lid SupportEconomy Flat Drop Lid Support
Economy Flat Drop Lid SupportSKU: S105A10FLTZ
Economy Lighter Duty Lid Support
Economy Small Drop Lid Support
Flap Stays With Braking ActionFlap Stays With Braking Action
Flap Stays With Braking ActionSKU: SI8420LA3B
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Free Sliding StaysFree Sliding Stays
Free Sliding StaysSKU: S214N8L
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Gas Spring Pneumatic StaysGas Spring Pneumatic Stays
Gas Spring Pneumatic StaysSKU: SGS8006
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Heavy-Duty Friction Drop Lid SupportsHeavy-Duty Friction Drop Lid Supports
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Heavy-Duty Locking Lid SupportHeavy-Duty Locking Lid Support
Heavy-Duty Soft Close Lid SupportHeavy-Duty Soft Close Lid Support
Internal Self-Balanced Lift-Up SupportInternal Self-Balanced Lift-Up Support
Lid & Door Stay With Nylon Slider
Lift-Up Ratchet SupportLift-Up Ratchet Support
Lift-Up Ratchet SupportSKU: X7020005Z
Lift-Up Scissor HingeLift-Up Scissor Hinge
Lift-Up Scissor HingeSKU: H2300P
Non-Corrosive Drop Flap StayNon-Corrosive Drop Flap Stay
Non-Corrosive Drop Flap StaySKU: S815917S
Silent Curved Sliding Stay
Silent Curved Sliding StaySKU: S2875L
Single Helix Easylift supportSingle Helix Easylift support
Straight Locking StaysStraight Locking Stays
Straight Locking StaysSKU: S1877D
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