Magnetic Catches

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Adjustable Brass-Clad Magnet (12 lb. Rating)
Aluminum-Housed Magnetic Catch and Strike
Concealed Magnetic Push Catch
Drill and Drive Cylinder MagnetDrill and Drive Cylinder Magnet
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Drive-in Adjustable Alnico Magnet (10 lb. Pull)
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Economy Magnet
Economy MagnetSKU: M1294B
Extra-High Double Magnet
Extra-High Double MagnetSKU: MGP7664B
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Extra-High Single Magnet
Extra-High Single MagnetSKU: MGP75LGSTRK
Face-Mounting Magnet
Face-Mounting MagnetSKU: M299B
High-Rise Magnet (10 lb. Pull)High-Rise Magnet (10 lb. Pull)
Industry Standard Compact MagnetIndustry Standard Compact Magnet
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Long John "Twin" Magnet - BrownLong John "Twin" Magnet - Brown
M297 StrikeM297 Strike
M297 StrikeSKU: M297STRKL
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M71 StrikeM71 Strike
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MGEMO Strike
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MNAIL Strike
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Neodymium MagnetsNeodymium Magnets
Neodymium MagnetsSKU: M125L
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Round Drive-In MagnetRound Drive-In Magnet
Round Drive-In MagnetSKU: M2732W
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Round Profile Push CatchRound Profile Push Catch
Round Profile Push CatchSKU: MMAGNALTCHB
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Skinny Impulse Push Catch
Skinny Impulse Push CatchSKU: MC213020W
Square Profile Push CatchSquare Profile Push Catch
Square Profile Push CatchSKU: M548SQUARE
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Strong Double Magnetic CatchStrong Double Magnetic Catch
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Strong Nylon-Housed MagnetStrong Nylon-Housed Magnet
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Super-Strong "Twin" Magnet (26 lb. Rating)Super-Strong "Twin" Magnet (26 lb. Rating)
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Thin MagnetThin Magnet
Thin MagnetSKU: MGP262B
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Triple Fixed Magnet (30 lb. Pull)

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