Delta Lid Supports and Stays


Part: Lid Support/Stay
Price: Price Available by Request


The amazing lid stay that is:

  • Reversible! Left or Right
  • Adjustable! Braking Power
  • Convertible! Lift Up or Drop Down
  • Demountable! Brackets Mount Separately

Strong, Die Cast Nickel Plated Zamak for lids up to 20 lbs! Lighter lids require only one stay. Only 8" long overall.

All holes are on 32mm centers and can be placed either 28mm or 32mm from the leading edge for users of the 32mm combination drilling system.

Application has been made simple since brackets are fastened to the cabinet separately and then snap onto the fitting!

Angle of opening adjustable from 75° to 90° by relocation of brackets and varies according to type of hinge used.

Sliding and braking action is adjustable to hold at intermediate positions.

Reverses tension direction from lift-up to drop-down function.

Fastens interchangeably. Functions as both Left or Right Handed.

SDELTAHD3 Heavy duty drop-down lid support for flaps weighing 20 lbs. Able to support lids up to a maximum door height of 18". 11 3/4" c/c on brackets when open.

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