Acculift Series 3


Height: 26-3/8"
Load Rating: 200lbs
Price: Price Available by Request


Our Acculift Series 3 offers Electric Controlled-Torque Screw Lifters with great stability and precision-controlled height adjustment. Our newest electronic scissor lift, the Acculift Series 3 features a stabilizer system; structural features; a reinforced chassis; Teflon-coated, no grease screws; and precision height control. The modular construction makes it easy to replace components. Plus, it's fuse-protected against overload, short-circuits, and overheating. The maximum open height ranges from 26-3/8" to 43-1/4", depending on the model. The load rating ranges from 180 lbs. to 300 lbs. We also offer electric lifts with smaller footprints, electric lifts for tables and electric lifts for flat screen TVs.

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