Anti-Sag Pocket Door Slides

SKU: D208720N

Length: 20"
Price: Price Available by Request


Two auxiliary Nylon rollers on each upper and lower unit prevent heavy doors from sagging as the ball-bearing slides are extracted. Designed specially for a 3/4" thick wood follower strip (customer supplied) instead of a Steel follower strip, so that spacing of the hinges can be modified as the doors require.

For doors up to 48" high, weighing up to 25 pounds.
Stocked in 20", 22", and 24" lengths.
Other lengths available on special order.

Supplied with hinges, mounting plates, and safety rollers.

Zinc Plated Positive snap-catch in the extended position prevents damage to door from early closing. Use 35mm half-overlay hinges with the proper thickness mounting plate to limit clearance between door and cabinet to only 1/16".

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