Coiled Piano Hinges


Finish | Width: Brass | 1-1/16" Open
Price: Price Available by Request


Our Coiled Piano Hinges are sold by the yard, no waste! Constructed of .032 rolled steel, they are available in handy to use 100 ft. coils. Countersunk screw holes are on 2-3/8" centers. There are three stocked sizes (1-1/16", 1-1/4", 1-1/2") with brass or nickel plated finishes. Additional sizes and finishes are available by special order as listed below.

HQG114CLL 1¼" Open Width, Bronze Plated

HQG112CLN 1½" Open Width, Nickel Plated

HQG112CLP 1½" Open Width, Brass Plated

Special Order Sizes and Finishes

  • HQG1116CLL: 1-1/16" open width, bronze plated
  • HQG1116CLN: 1-1/16" open width, nickel plated
  • HQG114CLL: 1-1/4" open width, bronze plated
  • HQG114CLN: 1-1/4" open width, nickel plated
  • HQG112CLL: 1-1/2" open width, bronze plated
  • HQG2CLL: 2" open width, bronze plated
  • HQG2CLN: 2" open width, nickel plated
  • HQG2CLP: 2" open width, brass plated

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