Contemporary Twin Wheel Caster (250 lbs load rating)


Finish: Black
Mounting: Grip Neck Socket W/ #23 stem
Brakes: No
Price: Price Available by Request


Our Contemporary Casters are versatile and sturdy. These twin wheel casters have a wheel diameter of 1 916" and can bear a load of 250 lbs./set. The hood is made of nylon and the wheels are ribbed Nylon-6.

Width: 1 12" wide and 2" tall when mounted.

Mounting options: square plate or grip neck socket with stem.

Available without brakes.

Not only are these casters workhorses but also their modern design won't go out of style!

Part # Finish
CDUOHD402S Black
Grip Neck Socket W/ #23 stem No
CDUOHD401S Black Mounting Plate No
CDUOHD402BS Black Mounting Plate Yes
CDUOHD402BW White Grip Neck Socket W/ #23 stem No
CDUOHD402BB Brown Grip Neck Socket W/ #23 stem No
CDUOHD45Z2P Polished Brass Grip Neck Socket W/ #23 stem No



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