Contemporary Twin Wheel Caster (250 lbs load rating)


Finish: Black
Mounting: Grip Neck Socket W/ #23 stem
Brakes: No
Price: Price Available by Request


Our Contemporary Casters are versatile and sturdy. These twin wheel casters have a wheel diameter of 1 916" and can bear a load of 250 lbs./set. The hood is made of nylon and the wheels are ribbed Nylon-6.

Mounting options: square plate or grip neck socket with stem.

Available without brakes.

Not only are these casters workhorses but also their modern design won't go out of style!

Sold in sets of four.

Wheel Diameter: 916"

Load/Set: 250 lbs.

Width: 1 12"

Mounted Height: 2"

Part # Finish
CDUOHD402S Black
Grip Neck Socket W/ #23 stem No
CDUOHD401S Black Mounting Plate No
CDUOHD402BS Black Mounting Plate Yes
CDUOHD402BW White Grip Neck Socket W/ #23 stem No
CDUOHD402BB Brown Grip Neck Socket W/ #23 stem No
CDUOHD45Z2P Polished Brass Grip Neck Socket W/ #23 stem No



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