Design Your Own Swivel Hub Series


Part: Hub Set
Price: Price Available by Request


Ideal for home-assembly flat-pack furniture. Three types of roller assemblies surround a snap-together swiveling hub.

XSWIVLHUB A Steel pin snaps into two Nylon bushings inserted in pre-drilled holes in the panels. No screws are used. Clearance between panels is 1/2". Requires 12mm diameter holes, 10mm deep.

XSWIVELROLL Nylon drive-in housing contains a 3/8" Steel ball-bearing roller. Clearance: 1/2". Requires 10mm diameter hole, 10mm deep.

XSWIVELROL2 Nylon roller mounted on a Steel base for screw attachment. Mounting holes for #6 screws on 32mm hole spacing.

XSWIVLROL4 The olive-on-a-stick Martini roller! Nylon roller mounted on a Steel shaft with flat spade ends. Drill two 7/8" diameter x 1/2" deep holes in lower panel to accommodate roller. Mounting holes for #5 screws on 64mm hole spacing. Clearance: 1/2".

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