Locking Glass Shelf Support

SKU: X301521K

Diamter: 5mm
Finish: Chrome
Price: Price Available by Request


Selby's Locking Glass Shelf Support secures glass shelving with rubber tipped Nylon screws. The holding bracket is Steel, 3/4" square.

This item is excellent when shipping with shelves in place.

Available in two sizes, a decorative accent is added by a Brass or Chrome Finish.

X301521 For 3/16" to 1/4" glass .060 Steel with pin 5mm diameter (3/16") x 8mm (5/16") long. Can also be used as a pivot hinge by using the included ⅜" diameter plastic bushing.

X301522 For 3/8" glass .080 Steel with pin 6.5mm diameter (1/4") x 8mm (5/16") long. Supplied without bushing.

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