"No Shimmy" Captive, Self Close Roller Slides

SKU: DC6415SC10S

Finish | Length: Black | 10" length
Price: Price Available by Request


Guided-rolling with wheels on right side captive in U-shaped track to ensure straight motion without shimmy. Left side is free to accommodate slight variances in drawer widths.

Smooth, silent running on special Delrin-and-Steel wheels.

Self closing action

Epoxy Coated Finishes in White, Brown and Black.

Especially useful for high humidity areas.

  • Lengths from 12"-24"
  • Rated at 75 lbs per pair on 16" size
  • Screw hole centers on multiples of 32mm
  • Drawer extension 4" less than slide length
  • Accommodates drawer variances up to 3/16"
  • For mounting on bottom or side of drawer
  • Cabinet member adjustable vertically and up and down
  • Drawer member adjustable side to side and front to back
  • Parallel holes to accept either normal sheet metal screws or 5mm Euro screws

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