Panel Assembly Connectors

SKU: K4001

Type: For 5/8" Wood
Price: Price Available by Request


Easy to install, economical connectors for panel assembly.

Dowel stocked for 5/8" thick wood, 3/4" wood available on special order.
Nylon disc available in Brown or White Nylon.

K4001 for 5/8" wood

K4002 for 3/4" wood

Side Panel: Drill a hole 8mm diameter x 25mm deep.
For 5/8" thick wood, the hole should be 7mm from the inside face.
For 3/4" wood, hole is 9mm from inside face.
Insert dowel, then drive in steel pin to lock in place.

Bottom Panel: Drill a hole 25mm diameter x 12mm deep. 
For 5/8" thick wood, the hole should be 15mm from the outer edge.
For 3/4" side, hole is 16mm from outer edge.

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