Panel Connecting Screws with Cover Caps

SKU: K1531740U

Base Diameter: 5mm
Length | Finish: 1-5/8" | Unplated
Price: Price Available by Request


These panel connecting screws with cover caps feature knife-edge threads which hold in flakeboard or solid wood. The screws are available with body diameters of 5mm, 7mm, and 8mm.

The screws are also available with body lengths ranging from 1 1/2" to 2 3/4" and are also available in Unplated, Zinc, or Bronze Finishes.

The screws utilize either Allen #4, Allen #5, or Pozi Drive head types. Cover caps are available in White, Tan, Almond, Brown, and Black.

Part # Body Diameter Length Head Type Finish
K1531740 5mm 1 5/8" Allen #4 Unplated
K71025770 7mm 2 3/4" Allen #5 Unplated
K1531638 7mm 1 1/2" Pozi Drive Zinc
K1531450 7mm 2" Pozi Drive Zinc
K71025838 8mm 1 1/2" Allen #5 Bronze
K71025845 8mm 1 3/4" Allen #5 Bronze

Cover caps in assorted colors. Available for 7mm & 8mm. 

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