Refectory Table End Extenders


Extended Length: 11"
Price: Price Available by Request


Selby's Refectory Table End Extenders are adjustable, durable and easy to install!

These slide out, pull up refectory table lifts are for use with 11" or 14" hideaway extension leaves. The spring activated, pop-up mechanism brings these telescopic table extenders out from under the table and automatically locks them into place.

The leaves release easily on pull out and drop automatically back to the storage position underneath the ends of the table top. The extenders are constructed of All Steel and are Anti-Rust Plated.

11" or 14" sizes are available in sets of 4 (a pair for each table end).

Fixed Top Minimum Length: 31 1/2"

Table Top Thickness: 5/8" - 1"

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