Shelf Magic Hidden Support Nylon Discs

SKU: K91309B

Diameter: 14mm
Finish: Brown
Price: Price Available by Request


Selby's Shelf Magic Hidden Support Nylon Disc is for use with 32mm hole boring machines provides shelf magic! Add some decorative dash to a room using these concealed shelf supports.

The shelves will look like they are floating. Includes one KD fitting consisting of 1 tough Nylon disc and 1 Steel screw.

Available in 9mm and 14mm sizes, in Brown and White.


Drill 5mm holes into the side wall.

The special-headed screw is inserted into the hole.

In the shelf bottom, a 20mm hole is drilled 9/16" deep with the center 9mm from the edge of the wood.

After the Nylon disc is inserted into the shelf, a downward pressure locks it onto the screw head.

All machining operations are into the face of the wood, not into the end grain.

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