Skate Wheel Caster (Rounded Side)


Brakes: No
Loading Rate: 350lbs
Price: Price Available by Request


Our Skate Wheel Casters have molded, translucent wheels for a stylish, modern look. These casters are silent, non-marking and durable. The steel yoke is polished chrome-plated and the metal plate has a ball-bearing swivel. Available with or without toe-action brake. These Skate Wheel Casters have a rounded side and each set has a maximum load capacity of either 350 or 440 lbs.

Part # OD Width Height Load / Set of 4 Type Plate
CSKATCSTR2 2" 13Ú16" 2_" 350 lbs Non-Brake 1_" sq
CSKATCSTRBR2 2" 13Ú16" 2_" 350 lbs Brake 1_" sq
CSKATCSTR3 3" 15Ú16" 3_" 440 lbs Non-Brake 2_" sq
CSKATCSTRBR3 3" 15Ú16" 3_" 440 lbs Brake 2_" sq

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