"Small Footprint" Electric Lifts For 3 Shelves


Price: Price Available by Request


“Acculift Mini” series provides electric lifting for kitchen cabinets, “wasted space” corner units, bars and other appliances in only 1 1/4 square foot of floor space! (12 3/4" x 14 1/2").

12 Volt low-voltage DC motor with 115 Volt AC transformer.

All Steel rigidized construction, Baked Epoxy anti-rust enamel.

Controlled motion with vertical worm-screw and guided rails.

Mechanical clutch prevents “overrun”.

Only 12 3/4" wide x 14 1/2" deep by 28 1/2" high.

Max. Open Height: 50 3/8"

Push-button operation standard. Remote control optional.

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