"Snap It" Rigid KD Panel Connector

SKU: K6100S

Price: Price Available by Request


An amazing 2 piece snap together connector that can be assembled and disassembled hundreds of times without loss of strength or rigidity!

Using our special molded thermoplastic resin, this connector can resist up to 185 lbs. pullout force!

It is resistant to temperature variations, chemicals, and aging.

Lightweight, powerful, economical, and easy to install. Installation requires no machining and it attaches with only two screws.

Can also be used horizontally as a lid pivot hinge.

As a pivot hinge, it shows no deterioration after 50,000 cycles! The Crystalline polyester polyamide has a tensile strength of 7300 lbs. per square inch and it is not affected by temperatures of -40 to 100 F.

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