Surface-Mounted Concealed 90° Hinges


Finish | Closing Type: Bronze | Spring
Price: Price Available by Request


Selby's Surface-Mounted Concealed 90° Hinges are ideal for kitchen cabinet doors, electronic access doors, and drop flaps on cabinets. They fit full overlay, half overlay or inset doors.

There are no holes to bore, no mounting plates to attach and they are fully adjustable! They are small in size, proven strong, and economical.

Spring closing or free closing hinges are available, constructed of Steel and with Nickel or Statuary Bronze finishes. 

Full overlay of side panel up to 25/32".

HC2000M Spring Closing, 4" long 

HC2000ME Free Closing, 4" long 

HC2000MINIZ Spring Closing, 3 1/8" long 

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