Three-Prong Tee Nuts


Barrel Length: 5/16"
Thread: 1/4 - 20
Price: Price Available by Request


Our Three-Prong Tee Nuts hold securely and avoid the wood-splitting produced by 4-prongs!

Available with barrel lengths ranging from 5/16" to 1/2".

Also available with 1/- 20 ,5/16 -18, and METRIC M8 Threads.


A 6-Prong Tee Nut is also available with 7/16" long barrel with 10-24 Threads.

Additional US Standard or Metric Threadings available on special order. 

Steel. 3-prong T-Nuts hold securely and avoid the wood-splitting produced by 4-prongs. Zinc Plated.

F14STNTU Threaded 1/4 - 20 with 5/16" long barrel
F14LTNTU Threaded 1/4 - 20 with 7/16" long barrel
F516STNTU Threaded 5/16 - 18 with 3/8" long barrel
F516LTNTU Threaded 5/16 - 18 with 1/2" long barrel
FM8TNUTU Threaded METRIC M8 with 3/8" long barrel
Also available: 6 Prong
F1024TNUT Threaded 10-24 with 7/16" long barrel. Unplated.


Other US Standard or Metric threadings available on special order.

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