Vertically Descending Wall Bed Manual Foot


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The bed with the manual foot is designed to have a single, full-height panel door attached to the base of the bed. The panel can be adjusted to ensure uniform door reveals. The door panel may be finished to flat panel, 2 panel, 6 panel, recessed or raised panel designs. The CM Foldaway Bed has an adjustable mechanism for a safe, light and easy lifting action. The leg sits inside the cabinet when folded away, but when in use the leg is manually folded over the foot-end of the door and sits on the underside to support the bed when in the down position.

  • Steel bed frame
  • Flexibility to use plywood panels or your own wooden slats as mattress support
  • Counter-balance springs enclosed in patented adjustable mechanism unit
  • Weightless, safe lifting action
  • Space-saver! Cabinet from only 14" deep!
  • Contemporary European design
  • More convenient than a guest house

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This system can be mounted in a cabinet or BETWEEN two cabinets and a bridge. Perfect for closet and modified stock cabinetry.


Part # Opening Type Dimensions Lbs / Kg Bed Size
XCCMVOBT99 Vertical 39" x 75" 110 / 50 Single
XCCMVOBT140 Vertical 54" x 75" 165 / 75 Double
XCCMVOBT150 Vertical 60" x 80" 240 / 110 Queen
XCCMVOBT190 Vertical 78 1/2" x 82 1/2" 240 / 110 King

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