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Selby Wall Bed Hardware is designed and manufactured to be safe and reliable. The working parts that power the counter balance mechanism are safely enclosed in a 12 gauge Steel sleeve. Reports of Selby wall beds in service for nearly 30 years are common.

All components and parts of our Pardo system are designed and produced in Europe, exclusively for their designated purpose. Selby’s wall bed mechanisms retain their ability to counter the heavy weight of a wall bed platform for life, and the tension can be adjusted for changes in construction materials, replacement mattresses, or seasonal bedding. Platform elevator screws allow for perfect alignment and leveling of platform doors and door reveals.

All Selby counter balanced bed mechanisms are tested to survive 10,000 continuous open-close cycles. Warrantied against manufacturing defects for five years!

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  • Convenient space saving system
  • Perfect for the primary or secondary bedroom
  • Less expensive than a room addition
  • Easy screw-type tension adjustment
  • Door leveling and reveal adjustment
  • Five year limited warranty against manufacturing defects
  • European made, endorsed by the trade
  • Vertical opening and horizontal opening models
  • Adjustable Tension for finger tip operation
  • Concealed mechanism systems save an additional 3.4" of wall space
  • Adjust to accommodate various construction materials or mattress and seasonal bedding changes


Part # Suggested Bed Size Lbs / Kg * Wall Cabinet Opening Mount
XSMVO3950I Twin/Single 110/50 42 7/8" Concealed
XSMVO3950X Twin/Single 110/50 42 7/8" Exposed
XSMVO5475I Double/Full 165/75 59 7/8" Concealed
XSMVO5475X Double/Full 165/75 59 7/8" Exposed
XSMVO54110I Queen 240/110 64 7/8" Concealed
XSMVO54110X Queen 240/110 64 7/8" Exposed
XWRENCH For adjusting bed tension (sold separately)


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